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Ben 10 and Albedo

Materials used:
Caron simply soft-blk,grey,white, brown
Redheart super saver- spring green, cherry red, blue
Lionbrand-Lt peach
Felt,scissors, tapestry needle

NOTES:the pieces are worked in rounds except shoes, one rnd is joined. Use stitch marker to mark beginning rnds.stuff as you go.
Stiches used:
Sc-single crochet
Hdc-half double crochet
Blo- back loops only
Flo-front loops only
MR- magic ring
Slst-slip stitch
1x, 2x,3x,4x- means one time,two times etc.
When it states sc2-mean sc in next two stitches.
When it states 2sc means two sc in one st.

1)w/white ch7, 2sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc4, sc4 in last st.opposite side of sts just made,sc4,2sc in beg st (where the first two sts were made. (16sts)
2) 2sc, sc6, 2sc in nxt 2 sts, sc6,2sc (20sts)
3) sc,2sc, sc6, 2sc, sc2,2sc, sc6,2sc, sc (24sts)
4) in BLO for this only- sc24, join (24sts)
5) sc8, dec4x, sc7, slst in last st (20sts) (switch to black)
6) sc6, dec4x, sc6 (16sts)
7-8) sc 16 (16sts)
9) sc15, slst in last (16sts)(switch to white)
10) sc6, (switch to blk) sc4 (switch to white) sc6, join (16sts) fasten off join blue for Ben or grey for albedo

1-11) sc16 (16sts)
12-13) sc5, hdc6, sc5 (the 6hdc creates the knee, they should be centered.)
14-24) sc16 (16sts) on the first leg fasten off at end of row 24 & weave end. On the 2nd leg DO NOT FASTEN OFF you will join legs together and continue to crochet around both legs.
25) join legs together with 4 sc (crotch made)
Sc 14 sts around 1st leg and 14 sts for 2nd, you have 28 sts total around both legs.
26-33) sc28 at end of rnd 33, slst in last st. Fasten off (switch to blk)

1-4) sc28 (28sts)
5) dec, sc26 (27sts)
6) dec, sc25 (26sts)
7) dec, sc24 (25sts)
8) dec, sc23 (24sts)
9-11) sc24 (24sts)
12) dec, sc2 around (18sts)
13) sc18 (18sts)
14) dec, sc around (12sts)
15) sc12 (12sts)
16) dec around (6sts) (switch to lt peach)

1-2) sc6 (6sts)
3) 2sc in ea st (12sts)
4) sc,2sc around (18sts)
5) sc2,2sc around (24sts)
6-12) sc24 24sts (24sts)
13) dec, sc2 around (18sts)
14) dec, sc around (12sts)
15) dec around (6sts) fasten off, sew remaining sts

1)w/lt. Peach, ch2, sc4 in 2nd ch from hk, slst in same st, Fasten off.

W/Brown or grey
1) MR, sc6 in ring, close ring tightly n sew to keep from opening. (6sts)
2) 2sc in ea st (12sts)
3) sc,2sc around (18sts)
4) sc2,2sc around (24sts)
5-9) sc24 (24sts)
10) sc7, ch3, slst in 2nd ch from hk, sc (sideburn made) sc3,**ch4, slst in 2nd ch from hk, sc, hdc, down ch, sc2**rep **to** 2more times, sc2, ch3, slst in 2nd ch,sc in nxt ch, sc15, turn (24sts)
11-13) sc15, turn (15sts)
14) dec, sc11, dec, ch 1, turn (12sts)
15) dec, sc8, dec, ch1, turn (10sts)
16) ch3, slst in 2nd ch from hk, sc in nxt ch, sc2, **ch3, slst in 2nd ch from hk, sc in nxt ch, sc2**rep from**to** 3 more times. Fasten off, sew and on to head.

JACKET:w/spring green or cherry red
1) ch13, sc in 2nd ch from hk and across (12sts)
2-16) sc12, ch1, turn (12sts)
17) dec, sc3, dec,sc3, dec, ch1, turn (9sts)
18) dec, sc5, dec, ch1, turn (7sts)
19-20) sc7, ch1, turn (7sts)(collar made)
21) Now you will sc down the side of sts just made
Sc20, ch1, turn (20sts)
22-28) sc20, ch1, turn (20sts)
29) Now you will sc across top where collar was made.
Ch1, sc14 (14sts)
30) sc down the other side of jacket
Sc20, ch1, turn (20sts)
31-33) sc20, ch1, turn (20sts) (switch to white)
34-35) sc20, ch1, turn 20sts)(switch to green or red)
36-37 sc20, ch1, turn (20sts)
38) you will work sts across sts just made and collar
Dec4x, sc6, dec4x, ch1 turn (14sts)
39) ch2, hdc14, fasten

1) ch4, join to make ring, sc4 in ring (4sts)
2) in BLO, sc in ea st (4sts)
3-4) sc4 (4sts)
5) 2scin 1st st, sc3 (5sts)
6) 2sc in 1st st, sc4 (6sts)
Flatten hand and sc through all sts. There will a total of 3sts.
7) 2sc in ea st, ch1, turn (6sts)
8) **ch3, slst in 2nd ch from hk, and in nxt ch, slst in same ch3 st, slst in nxt ch** rep4x fingers made. Fasten off
Arm:w/green or red
Attach yarn at free loops from rnd 2 of hand w/a slst
1) 2sc in ea st (8sts)
2) 2sc in 1st, sc7 (9sts)
3) 2scin 1st, sc8 (10sts)
4-6) sc10 (10sts)
7) 2sc, sc9 (11sts)
8) 2sc, sc10 (12sts)
9-10) hdc6, sc6 (12sts)
11-12) sc12, ch1, turn (12sts)
13) hdc6, ch1, turn (6sts)
14) dec, hdc2, dec, ch1, turn (4sts)
15) sc4 , fasten off (4sts)

1) w/white or blk
Ch15, scin 2nd ch from hk and remaining sts (14sts)
Fasten off, sew ends together then sew to arm.

1) ch11, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in remaining sts, ch1, turn
2) sc10, fasten off, sew ends (10sts)
W/blk MR, sc6 in ring close ring , fasten off
With felt cut 2triangles, glue to circle, sew on to band
I used felt for eyes, brows, mouth but, I recommend embroidery it just gives it a better finish also I embroidered the nose.
If you do not know how to make the sts used for this pattern youtube has great tutorials. If there is a hiccup along the way you can email me with questions at thank you and enjoy! I will be posting a Ben 10 BEANIE!and a ben 10 & albedo hoodie! Stay tuned


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