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Ben 10 & Albedo Beanie

on January 13, 2014

Materials used:
I love this yarn-green,white
Redheart ss- blk
Caron ss- white
Tapestry needle

This pattern is worked up & down


1) Ch23, sc in 2nd ch from hk, ch 1, turn (22)
2) sc21, 2scin last st,  ch1,  turn (23)
3) sc23, ch1, turn (23)
4) sc2, 2sc in last st,  ch1,  turn (24)
5) sc 24, ch1,  turn (24)
6) sc23, 2sc in last st, ch1,  turn (25)
7) sc25, ch1, turn  (25)
8) sc23, dec, ch1,  turn (24)
9) sc24, ch1,  turn (24)
10) sc22, dec, ch1,  turn (23)
11) sc23, ch1,  turn (23)
12) sc21, dec, ch1,  turn (22)
13-14) sc22, ch1,  turn
At end of row 14 attach white with a slst f/o green.
W/white sc22
Follow rows 2-14 attach green again and f/o white
Sc22, follow rows 2-14 with green two more times
You will end up with 4 pointed panels  3 green and 1 white. Sew ends together or slst together, whatever floats your boat 🙂
with wrong side, gather points together and sew.
You will end up with what looks like an x and sew it should still looks like an x when your done. You leave it like that or sc 4x around rim or desired length. F/o

1)MR 8sc in ring , sew ring  tightly
2) 2sc in ea st (16)
3) sc, 2sc around (24)
4) sc2, 2sc (32)
5) sc32  ,f/o  (32)

With white,  ch9, sc8 f/o sew to circle

With white,  ch14, 2hdc, sc6, 2hdc, join f/o sew to circle
And sew to beanie
You can change color for Albedo!
You are done! Enjoy!


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